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Alec Beeson
Photographer + Videographer

Guess who grew up in Oklahoma? This cowboy.

I started working as a photographer in the Tulsa area in 2018, and I've had the chance to learn what I want to do (weddings, concerts, branding sessions, etc.), and what I don't want to do (looking at you, newborn sessions).


I only purchased my first camera to take photos of trees and rocks so even where I am now is mind-blowing to me.

(Arguably) Fun Facts:

- i used to eat acorns when i was a kid

- i was in a touring band for a few years

- 2 dogs, 1 wife who wants a reptile

- whales are among my top fears

- recently got a mountain bike and it's my        new personality

- i pronounce 'museum' like myoos-am


Our Wedding

Pictured here is my beautiful wife, Nikki and we've been together since 2013; she's been a driving force in pushing me to succeed and is a constant inspiration for what it means to grow as a person.


Nikki has been assisting me on shoots since the very beginning -  so you might even meet her soon - and she currently works in home design and is a fantastic illustrator.


Also on the beach with us are our two best friends: Naboo (the tall one) and Obi (not so tall).


In 2018, Nikki put on her hiking boots and we got married on top of Hurricane Ridge inside Olympic National Park, Washington State. We had played with the idea of a traditional wedding, but the majority of our memories together were made in nature - so we figured why not celebrate on a mountain?

 We could not have done it without the help of our talented and passionate photographer friends, Laura and Ray (click their names to follow them!). They're an incredible team and the way they captured our day and took care of us really opened up my eyes to what wedding photography can be.

And now I want to help you have a good time!

Here's what you get:

Photos of the Real You

From our first conversation I'll be working to understand who you are so I can do my best to translate that into my images.

Silly, serious, playful, stoic, etc.


If it's you, you'll see it!

Clear Communication

Before we even get to your big day, I'll work with you to create a detailed timeline specifically for your day, leaving no question unanswered.

Weddings can be stressful and I'm here to try and make it easy!

Relaxed, Fun Environment

I really do want my clients to enjoy their time spent with me, and I want to enjoy my clients so I do my best to make our meeting as relaxed as possible.


Plus, I've been around enough wedding stress to know what causes it - so I know what not to do in order for you to to have a good time!

Room to Freakin' Breathe

Looking back on beautiful images is wonderful - but so is enjoying the moment while you have it.


I capture everything while leaving you with enough space to relax and remember your wedding as an intimate one instead of as "us and that annoying photographer!"

We had an amazing experience with Alec! My husband and I were nervous in front of the camera but Alec & his wife Nikki gave great posing tips and helped us feel more relaxed. Our pictures turned out perfect and we get compliments on them all the time. Could not recommend more!

Kacie + Chance

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