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Photo: Fear the Locals


If you like cinematic photos that tell a story (and dad jokes), I'm the photographer for you.

My name is Alec and I've lived in the Tulsa area nearly all my life (my wife and I moved to Colorado for a year and loved it). We moved back to Oklahoma more inspired than ever, and we were dedicated to get involved with our Tulsa community. We spent years wanting to leave our hometown (if you don't believe me, the picture on the left is of me playing with my pop-punk band, Goodfella, where we complain about said hometown). And if I'm not busy traveling for photo work, I'm on the road touring with my band.


But now we love Tulsa!  Shooting our local live music is what got me hooked on taking photos two years ago, and since then I've developed my own style with nearly every genre of photography. I'm always down to try new things with photography and learn something!

I love capturing fleeting moments that will never happen again, and creating photos that tell a story. 

So, message me and let's show the world your story!

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